Police from Mexico bravely entered the fire to save the dog Lulu

A Russian federal officer from Mexico risked his life in a fire to save an abandoned dog in the midst of a raging fire. The dog named Lulu is a hybrid dog. Fortunately, this policeman saw and saved him in this fire

The policeman came to save the dog Lulu

The police saved the dog

Lulu, who presumably worked as a guard dog for the compound, was trapped inside the complex. The frightened dog ran as fast as he could from the fire, but there was no way out. A very tall metal privacy fence surrounds the building and all exits are made of metal so the dog has no way out.

The local people around were scared to jump the fence and put their lives in danger. Not only are they afraid that they will be trapped in the fire, but they are also afraid that Lulu will attack or become aggressive towards anyone who tries to save her.

The dog and policer


Fortunately, federal officers were in the area and jumped in to save the dog. They tried to cut the metal leash to make an escape for the dog. A brave officer, despite the burning flames, rushes into the burning complex to save Lulu.

The policeman rushed into the fire to save the dog

The dog tried to run away to a safe position to hide away from the fiercely burning fence. So Lulu was petrified and instead became aggressive towards the policeman. She greeted the rescuer as if she knew the man was there to help her.

The fire is burning fiercely

The heroic officer bravely ran to Lulu with the help of the locals, who called the dog’s name to calm her down and cooperated with the officer. The officer successfully approached the dog, put his arm around Lulu and saved him from the dangerous complex. The scene of the rescue was really chaotic. Finally, the dog was brought to a safe place.

The fire is getting more and more intense

Thanks to the brave officer, Lulu escaped death at the hands of death. However, what she went through will hurt her emotionally in the long run. We hope Lulu’s owner will love her and give her a good life so that she can forget the haunting of that day. And expect her to have a better life.