The biological legs for the cat Frostbitten lost all 4 limbs on the body

In Siberia, there was an orange cat that was abandoned by its owner in the middle of the snow, where the temperature was very cold (as low as -40ºF) and he lost all four legs.
While many people in Siberia have adapted to live in low temperatures and harsh weather, many animals cannot survive in such low temperatures, many cannot withstand the spring and have to die in the area cold winter.


Unfortunately, frostbite in dogs and cats is not uncommon, in most cases it results in the animal dying from the cold or being killed by the extreme heat of the sky for the animals to live in.

Severe weather causes many cats to lose their lives

Many animals have to amputate their legs in order to continue living because those feet have been infected. The doctor had to decide that to prolong the life of the animals.

But Ryzhik’s story doesn’t end with having his legs amputated.


Its new owner decided to do everything in his power to help Rhyzik walk and play like other animals, so he took Rhyzik to a clinic in Novosibirsk that specializes in artificial limbs. to get help from a doctor.
Using computed tomography and 3D modeling, the clinic fitted Rhyzik with four artificial feet.

Surgeon General Sergey Gorshkov said that Ryzhik is “certainly the first cat in the world to undergo such operations and experience the latest advances in cat paw transplantation.”

That means Rhyzik is the world’s first biomechanical cat! It’s really great.

Dr. Gorshkov explains that Rhyzik’s new titanium limbs have been attached to bone.


The portion of the titanium limb that connects to the skin and bone is spongy, allowing issue to grow around it.

Slow and steady will win the race
Rhyzik is still a little wobbly with his new limbs, but the vets at the clinic say it’s a good sign he’s not trying to get rid of them.

Biological paw transplant method helps many cats regain their lives

That’s Rhyzik’s way of showing that he’s comfortable with his new legs.
Rhyzik can go up and down the stairs to and from the room, but still doesn’t feel confident when running or walking.

Experts say that given time, Rhyzik will adapt to his new limbs and become more stable on his bionic legs and undergo physical therapy to help him walk naturally. than Dr. Gorshkov’s clinic specializes in helping animals that normally have no choice but to install prosthetic limbs to help them walk easily.

The clinic continues to persevere with the project with new and innovative methods to give a fighting, life-sustaining opportunity to the animals that need it most.

The cats seem to have new legs, although moving is very difficult, but they are very happy and walk all day without getting bored. Those legs will accompany him throughout his life to help him move to many other places.

This method has returned a lot of new life opportunities for local and international although this is a newly tested method species, but hopefully it will help many other cats have a chance to work normally again. often . Having fun, playing, scientists believe that the project will be successful through experimental programs. This model will then be replicated to many different places so that doctors can help as many species as possible.