The cat with the extraordinary energy to explore the world on 2 wheels needs the perfect family

Snapple, a cat with a taste for adventure in Minnesota, has been exploring the world on 2 wheels.

This energetic boy has given me the strength that “nothing is impossible” although he is not as complete as other cats, he has a strength that we do not have. There are special needs that don’t stop him from having the best of his life.

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The cat has extraordinary energy

Now, what he needs most is a family ready to take care of him forever, especially with him to explore the world in his own way.

Snapple’s adoptive mom, Kris, tells us all about this little champion in the comments below.

Snapple was found as a very young kitten in April 2021.
His mother was still very young at the time and unable to care for him, so Snapple and all of his siblings had to bottle-feed. Caregivers foster through the Bitty Kitty Brigade and specialize in the care of stumbling kittens, typically those with cerebellar hypoplasia (CH).

I heard that there is a small, wobbly cat that needs to be moved to a better place, then I immediately felt a bond between me and that cat, so I decided to adopt them.

4-5 weeks old Snapple and her friends were just starting the weaning process when they first moved into my intensive care unit.

Snapple and its littermates (Moxie, Sprite and Fresca) are the names given to them by the first milk drinkers.

While Snapple has a wobbly head like cats with CH, I’m worried for him because he doesn’t have front legs.

He must be kept separate from his littermates as they will likely attack their tails and legs as other kittens often do when playing together.

Since Snapple couldn’t run away, he couldn’t defend himself.

The cat got sick CH

When I determined that the accompanying kittens did not show any signs of CH, I decided to transfer them to another caregiver so I could focus on Snapple’s care.

Snapple was examined by a veterinarian neurologist, who determined that he likely did not have CH.

Instead, he was diagnosed with Cervical Spine and Brain Disease.


They weren’t sure how his quality of life would change so I took him home and gave him my special care before making any decisions for him.

We use the stroller to exercise several times a day, usually on the quiet street next to my house or sometimes on my deck or dining room.
He goes to work with me and runs around the office and the warehouse.

When not in a stroller, he has a lot of trouble moving, but he loves pushing himself around and playing with nearby toys.

Sometimes he just likes to lie on the soft bed nearby and observe the activity around him.

During my intensive care, him and I on adventures, I found that with his stimulation and special care, Snapple is an extremely happy and cheerful kitten despite face many difficulties in life

He enjoys going on lots of little adventures where I drive him around to check out the trees, bugs, and birds outside.

He is extremely relaxed and happy to see many new things with his own eyes

Snapple enjoyed going out to the community and the park with me; he loves meeting new friends, he likes to chat and play with them

What he needs most right now is a family ready to take care of him and explore the world with him in his own way. Take care of him in the most special way so that he doesn’t feel like he’s not disadvantaged compared to his peers.