The face of the dying dog and the owner on the last bus made the family cry

The Pit Bull mixed Libra was brought to the Kramer family when she was very young. This cute dog soon forms an extremely close relationship with the daughter of the family. It was like a new member of their family, April, who was only 8 years old at the time.

During the months of living in the family, Libra has also become close friends with her extremely cute and gentle kitten brother, Maxwell.
As time goes on, April grows up and Libra has become a very reliable person for her to rely on. But after a long time living with her sister for 15 years of peace and joy, Libra’s health began to change markedly.

The little dog is enjoying his last feeling on the baby carriage. What she really likes.

The pain started coming from mild and then he had violent seizures, after which he was taken to the doctor and discovered a lung cancer tumor. After many visits to many veterinarians, the results were clear – Libra was in a lot of pain and didn’t have much time left to live. It is such terrible and shocking news for Libra and her family.


To the Kramers, Libra was such a good girl that she had to endure such shocking news, and they didn’t want her to endure the pain of lung cancer for long. When the ailing dog’s bladder quickly collapsed and caused her unbearable pain, the family decided to definitely confront the bladder. However, there is one last thing April wants to do for Libra to thank her for all the things it has done for her from small to big things but in the end, she just doesn’t deserve it take these sufferings alone.

Libra is a person who loves to ride cars. So on the last ride to the vet, April decided to close the window and let Libra cherish her favorite experience, April looked at her with a loving gaze that couldn’t be helped.

That dog fought so hard to get his life back from the hand of death

What does she just wish she could take away from herself so she could live on?. For the next 30 minutes, the ailing dog looked at peace as he felt the gentle breeze of the road and cherished the beautiful scenery ahead of him with his sad eyes closed for the last time, observing the surroundings. Kill them one last time to say goodbye to this beautiful life.

Libra has now crossed the most beautiful rainbow in the world, and her spirit no longer has any pain or fear that cancer brings. A heartbreaking April shared a moving photo of Libra’s last car ride as a way to honor the legacy of her best childhood best friend. It is definitely beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Rest in peace, sweet girl.

She fought very bravely, she tried her best to save even the smallest and most difficult life that not everyone could fight. She deserves our respect and love for her spirit of steel. Not everyone has that spirit, I wish her to stay strong and live well in the afterlife. In this world we are always waiting and cheering for you.