Mill- the tiny puppy became a survivor with a voice for past changes

Harley passed away on March 20, 2016 at the age of 15- A puppy mill survivor was beaten up. He bravely fought to save the lives of other dogs.


Harley – a brave dog

My name is Mary, and I am a friend of Harley’s mom and dad. They have asked me to let you know that their beloved Harley took his last breath today. He went on his own terms … he chose his moment, he did not suffer, and he was not in pain. He passed peacefully surrounded by the love of his mom and dad.

Harley’s parents, Rudi and Dan, want you to know how very much your love, prayers and support have meant to them today and throughout Harley’s journey. They will have much more to say in the coming days when they are ready. For the moment, they ask for your understanding as they walk through this incredibly difficult time.

We all feel as though Harley belonged to each of us in some way. Now, we all share a common grief that we must each somehow come to terms with. Just know that Harley’s mission will continue, his voice will still be heard, and his light will shine brighter than ever.

This is not the end. As today is the first day of spring – a day of new beginnings – let this be a new beginning in the fight against puppy mills, and let Harley’s voice be heard through each and every one of us.

Harley, run free. You were loved immeasurably, and our lives and the lives of so many puppy mill dogs are better because you were a part of us. You will be missed more than you’ll ever know.

Harley is so strong every day he endures many existences that we don’t even know about. Many times he realizes that he himself has a lot of things around such as toys, grass, food and kind people, but he himself feels very empty. He alone faced a lot of problems like he has only one eye that is not as good as the others.