Filipino boy saved a cat’s family from a violent storm in Manila Bay

In Manila Bay in the Philippines the weather changes with the seasons and is often accompanied by large and violent storms. Because the Philippines is a country located in the middle of the ocean, it often experiences a lot of big storms during the year.


According to journalist Linus Escandor, this lovely scene was filmed amid heavy rain and high winds caused by Typhoon Egay that swept across the Philippine capital in 2015.

The precious love of the boy for the cat’s mother in the fierce storm

Even in the midst of a storm of wind and waves, the boy did not hesitate to protect his feral cats and kittens from the evil rain of the storm.
Even though the boy himself was soaked, he stayed still so that the feral cats wouldn’t get wet. He seemed unconcerned for his safety from the hurricane when he spotted a mother cat about to go into labor.

The precious love of the boy for the cat's mother in the fierce storm-2

The boy stood by a breakwater, wearing a blue tank top and yellow shorts with no shields or warm clothes, he was still holding a plastic sheet to cover the mother cat giving birth on the beach. concrete barrier, making sure it is sheltered from rainstorms and safely born kittens.

The mother cat seemed to understand that the boy was trying to help her, she licked the boy’s hand lightly, her eyes full of trust. It felt his warm affection for himself and his innocent cubs.

The precious virtue selflessly protects the boy’s cat family

After a while, the mother cat gave birth to 4 extremely beautiful kittens. The mother cat happily welcomed her cubs and was secretly grateful to the boy – who did not mind difficulties and dangers in the middle of the storm to help her.


He showed a very simple act of kindness but his care and compassion was so precious that could have helped the mother cat survive the fierce storm.

With his kindness, the cat family was safe. And then the feral cats were enthusiastically rescued and taken care of by the local animal protection agency

Not long after that, the cat was adopted by a certain family. They took care and raised the cat’s mother in a very thoughtful way. The cats have grown up happily with their new family – where they no longer have to worry every time a storm comes.

The boy who sacrificed his life to save cats deserves to be commended and rewarded, he is not afraid to get wet or cold to protect others, not everyone can do it. We younger generations must appreciate and imitate those good things. Anyway, wish him a good study to protect and love many others.