An abandoned cat on a stroller I didn’t hesitate and immediately helped her

Helen Richter, an animal sitter in Las Vegas, learned of the mother cat and her litter of 6 kittens in the area and in dire need of help.
Neighbors around and found them one with kittens one with two adult cats, people guessed that it could be the mother cat’s brother.

Their owners have left and abandoned them on the side of the road for no reason, the cats have no place to live and no one to feed them but fortunately their neighbors have greeted them. picked them up for the night and started phoning everyone so they could come together to support those poor cats,” explains Helen.

Cats left in the middle of the road

“A friend of mine saw the social media post and was able to work together to get the mother cat and kittens to safety, while also enlisting animal rights activists to fund and protect the kittens. that animal.”


Another local animal welfare organization has come to the rescue of the adult cats – they have been vaccinated, neutered and put on the priority list for adoption.
Valentina and her kittens were cared for by Helen last weekend as she had previous experience taking care of cats, providing the cat with a safe, adaptive environment to nurture her kittens. young and lots of great food.


Valentina was so alarmed by what she had seen and done that she spent the first night in the nest with her young to make her feel more secure and know what they were like in their new environment. She could finally relax and fall asleep when he didn’t, he slept while stretching. Helen explains: “I didn’t lift my hand to move her, so I just sat next to her on the floor and gently sat next to her to chat – she said she had nothing to worry about.

The kind owner helped the kittens


“I believe she eventually figured it out at her home, where you can’t be scared where you can go back to any time you want, where you can run back to whenever you’re upset. ”
For the first time, the kitten opened its eyes and saw my silhouette. Strength and curiosity awaken in them, and babies grow more active, crawling and trying to get up and run around the house to observe the scenery and watch their owners.


Valentina always keeps an eye on the children and makes sure they don’t get out of her control. Valentina is extremely grateful that her family has a place to live and that she has guardians ready to support and take care of them. Her kittens, lined up in a row, drank milk happily while she stroked the blanket happily. She feels all her troubles or fatigue disappear when she looks at them with so much happiness
“When I lay next to her on the floor, she wanted to be closer to me and wanted to be petted and cuddled and wanted me to love them more even though I already loved them,” explains Helen. “I told her how lovely she was and that we would find her loving and dedicated owners.”